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See what our wonderful clients have to say about their experience with

Girl in the Green Apron!


"Madison is simply awesome. We have been using her services for about two months now and we cannot say enough good things about her skill in the kitchen, not to mention how easy it is to work with her on the details! Everything she has made for us is delicious, and we couldn't be happier with the decision to hire her! If you're on the fence about hiring a chef...just hire her already! You won't regret it. And if you're looking for meal recommendations, her chicken pot pie is AMAZING (it's been on our menu every week for the last month!) Thank you Madison!"

- Mike S. 

weekly client since Feb 2022

"My son is an extremely picky eater. Today for lunch, I gave him one chicken tender that you had made and he ate it all! This is huge for us! Last night he had finished almost one quesadilla and had a few bites of a meatball. Dinner was different for him because it wasn't what I normally give him so the fact that he ate most of it and tried it is huge. I will keep you updated but your food is delicious!"


- Puja T. 

client since Nov 2021

"Anyone looking for a caterer, holler at our girl Madison, 'Girl in the Green Apron!' Everything tasted even better than it looked with was amazing and everyone raved about how good it was! Thank you Madison!"

- Steve D.

catered wedding April 2022

"Madison is an amazing chef and makes sure all details are perfect! I ordered food for my Christmas Eve party and everything was wonderful. The food was absolutely delicious. Everyone enjoyed it!"

- Tara C. 


Holiday Package client 2021


"Madison is amazing! The food is amazing! She gives instructions to reheat to perfection!! So happy I found her!"

- Amanda H. 

weekly client since Oct 2021

"Amazing food and amazing service for our holiday party. Highly recommend Madison for events small or large!" 

- Chase H. 

catered holiday party Dec 2021

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